It is essential to get information on how you will be covered during your exchange in terms of insurance, particularly for illness and accidents, before you depart.


Your compulsory health insurance in Switzerland should also cover you against accidents, provided you are in regular employment and your employer covers you for this risk. If you are intending to terminate your employment contract in preparation for your exchange, it is essential to ask your LAMal insurer to cover you against accidents.


Once you have done this, you must contact the relevant local authorities in your host country about the requirements for health and accident insurance. Some countries will recognise your Swiss insurance (which will be the case within the European Union, if you have a European Health Insurance Card), while others will require you to take out local insurance.


In the first case, you should check the limits to your cover while you are living abroad with your LAMal insurer and, if necessary, take out top-up insurance to provide additional cover.


In the second case, it is not unusual for the host university to require you to take out additional insurance. However, you should still check that it provides appropriate cover during your stay.


Finally, UNIL has partnered with the assistance company International SOS, which offers assistance services abroad in case of need. You will find information on this subject in the section: Assistance and insurance while abroad.

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