University fees waiver


SASME examines applications for a partial waiver of course enrolment fees (students who are granted a waiver pay CHF 180 per semester instead of CHF 580) and refers them to UNIL’s Social Assistance Committee (Conseil des aides sociales) for a decision, provided the student fulfils the relevant conditions.


Requests for a waiver should be submitted using the fee waiver application form, which you can download below, accompanied by the relevant supporting evidence. Please send your request by email at You can also make an appointment to talk to one of our social counsellors or come into the office during working hours.


Unlike a request for financial assistance, applications for a partial waiver from course enrolment fees must reach SASME by 30 September at the latest for the autumn semester or the academic year and 28 February for the spring semester.


After these dates, SASME won’t accept any application for a partial waiver of course enrolment fees.


Finally, students whose waiting period for their cantonal study grant application is longer than the usual deadline communicated by the Cantonal Office can submit a request for a partial waiver within the aforementioned deadlines.

Therefore, please note that students in receipt of a study grant from the canton are not entitled to apply for a partial waiver of course enrolment fees, since these are included in the amount of the cantonal grant.


Before you apply, please read Rectorate Directive 3.5 to check the eligibility requirements and criteria for being granted a partial waiver of enrolment fees.

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