Admission conditions for Master studies for holders of a Bachelor or another university degree issued by a foreign university

Admission conditions for a Master programme


Candidates are eligible for enrolment in a Master programme if they hold a Bachelor degree awarded by a Swiss university or another university qualification deemed equivalent by the Rectorate in the corresponding discipline.

Candidates holding a HES* Bachelor are admitted subject to catch up the missing theoretical bases during the Master programme.

*Haute Ecole Spécialisée

Candidates with a Bachelor in a different field from the chosen Master programme are admitted on the condition of catching up the theoretical bases before starting their studies.

The faculty regulations or study plans specify the essential theoretical bases.

For the access to certain masters, additional requirements may be imposed. For more information please contact the faculty responsible for the master


SSP - Master in psychology

Students holding a foreign Bachelor in psychology or a foreign diploma deemed equivalent must meet the following additional condition:

  • students must have obtained a place of study in a master in psychology at a university in the country where the bachelor was awarded, recognised by the Rectorate. The certificates issued for distance learning courses are not accepted.

General rules for university studies
The total number of credits gained and courses taken within the bachelor or master programme or the university degree deemed equivalent by the Rectorate, must have been achieved at a university recognised by the Rectorate of the University of Lausanne.

Only university programmes comparable to those existing in Switzerland and followed at public universities (or at least accredited universities recognised by UNIL) are accepted.

In case of doubt, it is up to the candidates to submit all the necessary documents to establish their eligibility.

Further information is available here.

The following programmes in particular are not recognised:

- University programmes including more than 15 ECTS credits out of a total of 180 (or equivalent) for internships
- Technological or vocational university courses.

For Master's programmes proposed by:
- Medical school
- Faculty of Arts
see the Particular conditions

Language skills

The language level for the Master programmes is C1.

Candidates whose mother tongue is not French and who have no Swiss secondary school diploma must sit a French exam before final registration for the preparatory year for admission to the Master programme (when the preparatory year is taught in French).



Online enrolment and preparation of your application
Access to the online enrolment and the list of the documents you have to provide

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