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A survey of the international collaborations of UNIL academics launched in 2020 showed that the University of Padua ranks among the most important partners of UNIL, with more that 40 ongoing research collaborations at the time.

Both parties being interested in developping further the cooperation, a privileged partnership agreement was signed in 2021 to support current collaborations and foster the development of new projects.

If you collaborate with colleagues from the University of Padua and have not informed us yet, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Calls for joint projects

The University of Padua and the University of Lausanne launched a first joint call in 2021, a second in 2022, and the third call in 2023.


Projects selected in 2023

A the occasion of the third joint call launched in March 2023, 8 projects were selected for funding among the 10 submitted projects:

  • Technology-mediated addictive behaviors and well-being among young people
  • Constructions of knowledge, practices, and representations of vegetal life in Christian space from late antiquity to the early modern age
  • Università di Padova/Université de Lausanne 2024 Joint Seminar: Business law and shifting paradigms: global challenges and new strategies toward sustainable businesses
  • Distortion of body representation in eating disorders: a multidisciplinary integration of clinical and neuroscientific perspectives
  • The Shape of Poetry in 20th Century. Metrics, Language, Style
  • Micro-diachronic change in local environments: language, place names, society
  • Local climate policy coordination. A comparative perspective
  • The Role of International Organizations in the Development of International Investment Law and Arbitration: Challenges and Perspectives
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