Hourly Rates

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The below rates are indicative but minimum rates. Each company (including UNIL) has its own rates that will apply.

*For businesses, wages sub-quoted are GROSS, percentage holidays should be added.

Private lessons, school support

Level 1 Student 2 Students
Primary cycle 1 / cycle 2 Fr. 25.-/hour Fr. 30.-/hour
Secondary VP / VG / apprenticeship Fr. 28.-/hour Fr. 32.-/hour
College / adults Fr. 32.-/hour Fr. 37.-/hour
Courses outside school:
language, music, etc. ... Fr. 32.-/hour Fr. 37.-/hour

Babysitting, childcare

Period Rate
Evening from 19h Fr. 15.-/hour
The day until 19h Fr. 17.-/hour
The day until 19h (from 3 kids) Fr. 20.-/hour

Caring job (elderly, handicapped)

Period Rate
During the day (small services, reading, talking) Fr. 15.-/hour
Night Package (19h-8h) From Fr. 130.-

Various Services

Type of employment Rate
Cleaning, ironing, gardening, driver, deliveryman Fr. 25.-/hour
Posters Display (price per poster and by size) Fr. 1.- à 1.50 /poster
Prints distribution, posters, flyers (per thousand) Fr. 45.-/thousand
Night Porter Fr. 150.-/night
Waiter- Waitress, Dishwasher Fr. 20.-/hour
Sales Fr. 20.-/hour
Courier Fr. 20.-/hour
Heavy lifting (eg. Removal) Fr. 25.-/hour
Light handling (eg. printing and enveloping services) Fr. 21.-/hour
Dog walker Fr. 13.-/hour

Hostess Service (exhibitions, conferences)

Type of employment Rate
Hostess, bi-and trilingual Fr. 28.-/hour
Predict CHF 30.- for meal and night supplement

Administration, secretarial

Type of employement Rate
Filing, photocopying, small office work Fr. 20.-/hour
Operator, Receptionist Fr. 25.-/hour
Secretariat Fr. 25.-/hour
Bi-and trilingual secretariat Fr. 30.-/hour

Computer, data entry, programming

Type of employment Rate
Data processing Fr. 23.-/hour
Programming Fr. 45.-/hour
Basic course, reorganisations... Fr. 35.-/hour
Development, improvement Fr. 40.-/hour

Translation, interpretation

Type of employement Rate
Written translation (per page) Fr. 35.-
Oral translation or recording Fr. 25.-/hour
Liaison Interpreter Fr. 40.-/hour


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