Leave and interruption of studies

Leave | Interruption of studies


It is possible to request a period of leave of one or two semesters from the University. The leave may be granted for reasons of pregnancy and maternity or duly attested medical reasons (see Règlement d’application de la loi sur l’Université de Lausanne, art. 94 lit. f).

This leave is renewable. The total number of semesters of leave may not exceed three semesters for a Bachelor and two semesters for a Master or a Master of Advanced Studies, except in the case of a dispensation granted by the University of Lausanne Rectorate for valid reasons (see Directive 3.2. of the University of Lausanne Rectorate Taxes et délais, art.3, al.3).

If you are on leave, you remain enrolled at the University. You must therefore pay a reduced semester fee.

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Interruption of studies

If you wish to interrupt your studies at UNIL on account of maternity or paternity, it’s possible to exmatriculate yourself. In this case however, you will lose your student status and will have to go through the admission procedure again if you wish to re-enroll.

You could then be subject to new study regulations or a study plan that came into force during your absence. Exmatriculation also has implications concerning entitlement to study grants or other financial assistance and renewal of residence permits.

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