Assistants, Junior Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, Professors and administrative and technical staff can benefit from seven types of leave for family reasons (paid leave or unpaid). SNSF-financed staff are entitled to maternity leave and have the possibility of requesting the other types of leave, with the exception of partial leave.

The Règlement sur les assistants à l’Université de Lausanne incorporates Student Assistants with Etat de Vaud auxiliaries as far as leave for family reasons is concerned. Thus, female Student Assistants benefit for instance from maternity leave provided for by the Loi fédérale sur les allocations perte de gain of a duration of 14 weeks as from the birth of the child, paid at a rate equal to 80% of the salary. Neither breastfeeding leave, adoption leave, nor parental leave is provided for in this post at UNIL. Paternal leave of a duration of one to three days will be granted as standard leave.

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