Admission procedure for a Doctorate programme for candidates with a Swiss university or HES Master

Do not forget to read the information regarding the deadlines and the conditions which appear under the various headings of the Regulations concerning the registration conditions.


After reading the registration conditions, candidates submit their application for admission online within the specified deadline. They transmit their complete application file by post or by downloading the documents according to the provided instructions.

Content of the application for enrolment in a doctoral programme for candidates with a Swiss university or HES Master


The Admissions Office processes the application and checks that formal conditions of admission to the chosen programme are satisfied.

Provided they meet the formal conditions, the applications for a doctoral programme are subsequently forwarded to the Faculty or School in question, which must give its approval.


The prospective PhD student must also send the two copies of the completed and signed PdD form (attestation de thèse) to his/her thesis director. The link to the form is provided in the online application and in the email acknowledging receipt sent immediately after the confirmation by the candidate (to be printed out by him/her).

The thesis director signs and forwards the form to the Doctoral School or the Dean’s Office, who stamps and signs the document before returning it to the Admissions Office by 15 October 2022 (autumn semester 2022/2023) or 28 February 2023 (spring semester 2023). It is therefore important for the candidate to forward the PhD form to the thesis director without delay.

If the application has been sent after the deadlines or the PhD form has been submitted to the Admissions Office after the deadlines, the registration will be postponed to the next semester (or, in case the late application is accepted, the prospective student will have to pay a surcharge of CHF 200.-).

It is therefore important that the candidate sends the Phd forms to his/her thesis director as soon as possible.


Accepted candidates receive a certificate of admission to registration by postal mail, accompanied by information about UNIL and instructions explaining how to confirm their registration; rejected candidates also receive a written decision.

Each candidate will receive a written decision when his/her complete application (according to the requirements specified in the Directive en matière de conditions d’immatriculation) has arrived at the Admissions Office. Therefore, it is pointless to contact the Admissions Office in the meantime.


When the certificate of admission to registration is issued, the candidates receive an email containing their UNIL email address and access codes to their computer account (MyUnil, etc.). The candidates commit to consulting their UNIL e-mail at least once every five days and using only their address for any electronic communication with the university administration.

This email does not mean that the candidates are definitively admitted. They still have to confirm their registration.


Candidates confirm their registration according to instructions received with the certificate of admission to registration (in particular they have to present their original secondary school and university diplomas, as well as the original transcripts). Candidates must follow the deadlines mentioned in these instructions, otherwise their application will be cancelled.


The invoice for enrollment fees for the first semester is then sent out. The invoice is also available on MyUnil. The fees can be paid with the payment slip issued by the Admissions Office at a Swiss post office or by e-banking.


Once candidates have paid their fees, they acquire the status of student; they can obtain a certificate of enrolment for the semester. The procedure will be indicated on the reverse of the fees invoice.


Several weeks may elapse therefore between dispatch of the application and the final decision on registration acceptance.
Candidates are therefore advised to submit their applications as soon as possible.

Note: it is essential to provide complete and correct information when applying at UNIL (online registration and sending of the documents) and when completing your application later on with complementary documents or information. Any omission or submitting of fake or falsified documents can lead to a refusal of admission or an exclusion from UNIL. The Rectorate may refuse registration when the actions of a candidate lead to the conclusion, with supporting evidence, that its registration could threaten the safety of the members of the University.



the French version of the registration conditions prevails

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