Module thématique de l’école doctorale

Avec Prof. Colin Wayne LeachBarnard College, University of Columbia

Dates: 5, 6 & 7 octobre 2022

Titre: Sentiment in society - Emotion, Protest, Societal Change

The module will focus on:

  • Journal (reviewing, decision, publishing)
  • Practices:  and open access publishing
  • Publication Strategies: workshop, with participation
  • Paradigms, Norms, preferences 
  • Rhetoric and Writing
  • Submitting and then dealing with reviews and decisions
  • Research and Reporting Practices and Ethics: The "crisis", its history and future
  • Open access, open science, pre-registration, TOP guidelines, etc
  • Proper Power Analysis, challenges and opportunities (workshop, with participation)


  • Social Emotion
  • Protest and Societal Change
  • Integration & Application—Theory, Method, Practice
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